• Telematic service

  • Telematic service

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Telematics Service-

Tech wizardry helps you locate a car, bike, truck, children, elderly,loved ones, and valuables with its fast GPS service. We are India's premier mobile assetmanagement solution GPS tracking service under pan India. We help you to look after your dear ones. Buy the latest GPS tracker service from us and enjoy our fast and hassle-free service.


1 Live Tracking

Real time tracking (refreshed every 30 seconds) with current speed, distance & time.

2 Theft Prevention

Prevent vehicle theft by activation of Immobiliser feature. Predictive analytics provides theft alerts, emails and calls.

3 Real Time Alerts....

Predictive and exception alerts and notifications via sms email & call.

4 Trip History

View Trip history playback and review detailed logs including speed, distance, location and alerts for a trip.

5 Geo Fencing

On the fly creation of multiple geo fences and creating real time geofence alerts.

6 Management Reports

Download analytical reports for key KPI's in PDF, XLS or JPEG format.

Tech Wizardry offers all of the building blocks - software, hardware, and connectivity expertise - to create a comprehensive asset tracking solution. Alternatively, to save on development time and accelerate your time to market, We also offers end-to-end, market ready managed services to track any asset, almost anywhere in the world.

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