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News / Updates

6 Apr

Refurbished Phones Franchise – A Promising Business Idea For 2020

2021-04-06      Posted by Techwizardry

According to a report released on 12 Jun 2020, the market of refurbished Smartphones in India grew 9 % last year. Refurbish ecosystem is still in a nascent stage. Getting a refurbished phones franchise in India is a w... Read More

11 Mar

Home Appliances Service Center Near Me: Tech Wizardry Adds New Meaning

2021-03-11      Posted by Techwizardry

New Delhi-based Tech Wizardry is emerging fast as the favorite choice among the search results of ‘home appliances service center near me’. With a focus on career-oriented productive tas... Read More

1 Mar

Franchised Online mobile Accessories Store in India- A Future Promising Start-Up Idea

2021-03-01      Posted by Techwizardry

Knowing a reliable ‘home appliances service center near me’ has become more important after the recently passed, eventually going on, phase of the Covid-19... Read More

25 Feb

Start Online Mobile Accessories Store in India-7 Tips for Why & How

2021-02-25      Posted by Techwizardry

As we are heading towards the 5G era, the idea of opening an online mobile accessories store in India is drawing the wide scale attention of tight-budget entrepreneurs. The demand for mobile acc... Read More

11 Dec

Cell Phone Repair Business Opportunities in India

2020-12-11      Posted by techwizardry

According to data provided by Statista in July 2020, India is expected to have 820 million smartphone users by 2022; the figure is expected to be 973.89 by 2025. The Covid-19 pandemic has also increase... Read More

24 Nov

Electronic Accessories Shop – Your One-Stop Destination for all your Gadget Needs

2020-11-24      Posted by Karan

The internet has altered the way most people shop today. It has opened up an entirely new world, especially for electronic gadgets and accessories. Electronic accessories will add to the devices functionality. Here are a... Read More